Toddler Group


When it’s Wednesday after dinner

Toddlers know they’re on a winner ~

For off to Brookside they all run

‘Cos they know they’ll have some fun.


Sue G and Sue H have got out the toys

Some for the girls and some for the boys.

They climb in the cars and race them round

All around there is happy sound.


The tinies roll about on the mat

Mums keep an eye ~ but have time for a chat.

“Friendly” the word that is used by all

“We’re welcome here.” “We have a ball!”


Time for some juice ~ or maybe a cuppa,

More ladies from Brookside are ‘Chief washer-upper’!

Back to our toys ~ now what shall we do?

Building? or colouring? a jig-saw or two?


This new group started not that long ago

At first things were slow, then it started to grow

Now new faces arrive nearly every week

“We heard you were here, we’ve come for a peek”


The time whizzes by ~ we finish at three

The kids could go on but we’re on our knees!

We finish with songs and sometimes a story,

They come for the friendship ~ and find a glimpse of God’s glory.

Chris Hardman

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