Prayer and Fasting

The Methodist Conference is calling us to Prayer and Fasting.

The Circuit Missions and Ministry Team has highlighted the first week of each month as a period where people could bear this in mind. It may be that during the week you might remember to pray before meals. (As the teaching makes clear, fasting from food is not the only option; to fast is to let go of one thing for a period, so that we can pick up something else in prayer).

''Fasting as a Spiritual Practice" - a resource by Philip Meadows can be read by clicking on this link: /content/pages/documents/1509646089.pdf.

A useful newmonic to use in our prayers is:

Making disciples: pray that we would remember what Jesus has commanded us to do.

Inviting newcomers: pray for those (including yourself) who will invite others to new events.

Discerning direction: pray for our groups as they question how God is calling them to grow.

Waiting on God: pray that we work at God’s pace rather than our own.

Experiencing God: pray for an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit to convict, comfort, and counsel.

Enabling people: pray for God to give us the resources we need, and the grace to enable others.

Knowing God: pray that we will reflect on God’s faithfulness in the past.

Some useful health advice in relation to fasting can be found by clicking this link:




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